Launching 14 November 2016






A Carefully Curated Collection of the Finest, coolest and best, quality gift and present ideas for all to buy.

Available for all people of all Colours


Spread the love and the wealth, by supporting "Black-owned" Businesses to get a share of the International gift and present giving market - You know its only Right and FAIR as most of the goods we buy are made by peoples of colour, whilst the profits are enjoyed mostly by those who are not!!

Not just for Christmas...For Life!!

idoabc.co.uk will be an annual event. A fully Inclusive EXCLUSIVE Shopping Experience and a Carefully Curated Collection of the best that black-owned businesses have to offer for the gift and present buying market.


idoabc.co.uk will also hold special shopping events throughout the year, so please make contact and register with us, so we can keep you intouch with all the best of what is both Black and Beautiful...to buy.


  • Beautiful and/or useful
  • High Quality
  • Made or sold by a black Owned Business
  • Help Circulate money within and strengthen the "black economy" Globally

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