MOMM says "I'm dreaming of a BLACK Christmas"

Inclusively EXCLUSIVE!!


Artisans and Artists, Creators, Makers, Producers, Imaginers, Purveyors and Sellers. Buyers, Consumers, Receivers and Beneficieries. We as Black people are all of these things.


We must strengthen our communities and our economies, by supporting those businesses that are owned by our own! We must help spread the good news to All of what ours are doing so well and so beautifully.


"I have amazing gifts for you to buy for your loved ones"


IDOABC.co.uk offers a digital marketplace and catalogue, which will give exposure and buying opportunities for everyone and anyone Worldwide to be part of our totally INCLUSIVE Exclusive Shopping Experience - To be part of achieving parity, and giving acknowledgement and appreciation for the many wonderful items available from the Millions of Artists and Artisans within the Diaspora, and opportunity for them to share in the Global Gifts economy.

"I want something special for someone special"


OOh!!...Ahh!!...Coo!!...Wow!! - Expressions of delight and wonderment. Sounds we make when we see that special gift that is Just right, or oh so perfect. The look on the faces of those we present to - All the more special, because you know that you bought it from a black-owned business and helped money enter, circulate and strengthen an economy which needs the investment and not just some already rich and getting rapidly wealthier, faceless individual or business.


"idoabc" is about more than just Christmas - idoabc.co.uk is about about/for life....XX

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I'm Dreaming of A BLACK Christmas - www.idoabc.co.uk is a MOMM (Make Our Money Matter) initiative. Please join this Consumer economic empowerment movement at: http://www.meetup.com/Make_Our_Money_Matter/

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