Are you dreaming happily of a Black Christmas too? Are you connected to the African Diaspora? Whether you are a maker, creater, manufacturer or purveyor of fine quality and beautiful things.....or just want to purchase some as a gift for your loved ones, get in touch


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Q. How do I get my beautiful items included in your shopping experience?

A. Simply complete the form above, or email the above numbers. You can also call, text or WhatsApp our offices at any time on the telephone number above.



Q. I want to buy some unique and lovely gifts for my family and friends, how can I do this?

A. As in the answer above, get in touch with us at directly, or just browse through our growing, but carefully curated collection, see what you likeand click through to buy.



Q. Can I only purchase directly from you and only from the selection in your catalogue?

A. will launch after Black History Month 2016. We invite submissions for inclusion in our catalogue all year round and will be an annual shopping experience for BHM, as well as offering other gift shopping events throughout the year. We will pride ourselves on offering a wide, yet simple range of beautiful and amazing products from some of the best black-owned businesses worldwide and whilst you will only be able to buy what is listed in our catalogue, we will also be able to help direct, sign-post and source many other amazing items from the many black artisans and suppliers who have expressed interest or supplied merchandise for consideration for our catalogue.



Q. Who is behind "I'm dreaming of a BLACK Christmas?

A. is a service offered by MOMM. MOMM or "Make Our Money MAtter" is a Consumer Economic Empowerment Organisation aimed at Realizing the only/main POWER available to the Black community worldwide, that of their propensity to nuy. We encourage all Black Buinesses, Organisations and Individuals/Consumers and those connected or interested in bettering the lives and futures of theose within or from the African Diaspora to join up with us to have a Cohesive, collective and Collaborative Voice, which we can get heard through leveraging our spending powers. - Join us at

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